sheffield communications publishing is a fully autonomous publishing company, based in hamburg, germany.

communication is paramount to us, collaborating closely with our authors and clients in order to secure maximum exploitation of their craft. we aim to cover all bases, including precise administration, sync licensing, performing and live rights income tracking.




Throughout our administration partner ROBA Music Publishing we are able to collect royalties for our writers on a maximum efficient way. With the ROBA HYBRID MODEL we are able to combine the best of both music-publishing worlds. Whenever possible, we become direct members of local societies or platforms like YouTube and Spotify in various territories to speed up the process of delivering the earnings. This is not possible in every region of the world, mostly due to legal regulation or a very fragmented local market. The hybrid model of our partner ROBA allows us to deliver more income to our clients, faster. It is often resulting in 20-30% higher revenues for our writers and publishing partners.


Our administration partner ROBA Music Publishing provides access to one of the biggest sync catalogues worldwide and we are also developing our own network for film / TV and advertising sync licensing with music supervisor and synch agents from all around the world


We help our clients to maximize royalty income through income tracking of their live performance rights and have established a special service to support our artists with the correct submission of DJ setlists and concert song lists to the respective performing rights organizations.


With Kontor Records and Kontor New Media as our strong in-house partners, we are able to set up releases immediately. We also have access to our own PR teams for online, radio, etc. as well as a dedicated social and YouTube/video department. (Kontor Records own YT channel has in excess of 5 million subscribers). If a song doesn’t quite fit the Kontor Records stylistic profile, we can still pitch it to artists, publishers and other label partners (national and international), including all major record labels. Our administration partner ROBA Music Publishing will register and collect royalties for your songs via their direct membership in all relevant key territories worldwide.


We regularly organize digital and physical songwriting camps, often teaming up with other leading publishing teams from around the world to maximize the creative potential of each and every session.
One of the key ways we support our clients, writers and producers is by giving them access to our international network of songwriters and topliners and guiding them through the collaborative process.



We established our own production music edition which presents further opportunities to generate income through active placements of your music. With ROBA Music Publishing, we are able to tap into their huge international production music network as well.



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